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WebcastingTV provides three primary services. The first is “Information” from our Data Managment System (DMS), which is a national database of over 140 million individuals. We have built this database over the past 10 years. Click here to learn more about our database.

We help our customers locate individuals through email and social media (such as TellDC.com and Facebook) who are interested in the client’s message. Then we build profiles that help the client communicate better. Our services are used primarily by non-profit and political organizations.

The next service provided by WebcastingTV is a powerful email broadcasting system called the EMS (Email Marketing System), which provides detailed tracking and reporting information. Customers can build campaign layouts, initiate broadcasts, and monitor the real-time reports using our online tools. Over 150 non-profit and political organizations have used our services to build supporter databases. Click here to see a list of some of these clients.

The next service provided by WebcastingTV is a proprietary online training application called the TMS (Training Management System). Customers such as RE/MAX, TORO, Prospect Mortgage, the California Association of Realty, and many non-profit entities have used the TMS to deliver multimedia-interactive educational material through a browser-based interface. All delivery, management, reporting, and administration functions are handled through a web interface. This keeps the cost very low, and the implementation very convenient.

Below is more information on all of our services and systems. Please feel free to contact us about any project or communications needs you have.

A project broadcast report
Above is an example of a project broadcast report.

An example of opener location reporting
Above is an example of "opener location" reporting.

The EMS (Email Management System): WebcastingTV's Email Management System (EMS) is designed to deliver large quantities of email messages and track the reactions of each individual recipient.

WebcastingTV's clients are non-profit organizations, typically political or religious. They use WTV to develop mailing lists, perfect message content, and determine the geographic areas where there are high concentrations of interested individuals. Here is a partial list of our clients.

Each broadcast is pre-tested, in smaller quantities, in order to optimize the recipient's reactions. Then, the larger main broadcast is delivered using WTV's proprietary EMS. The real-time reporting is available online, along with post-broadcast analytics.

WebcastingTV also provides access to its national database of over 140 million CASS Certified email recipients. There are nearly 30 million records of people who have opened messages in the past. The database includes name, postal address, and a variety of other demographic informaiton, so that clients can target their broadcast campaigns more efficiently.

The EMS is a very effective way to test a variety of "messages" in order determine the "most motivational" content. Messages that work in emails and social media also work in radio and television.

An example of opener location reporting

The TMS (Training Management System):
Referred to as Learning Management Systems (LMS), Computer-Based Training (CBT), or many other variations, modern e-learning technology usually contains the following features: internet delivery; self-paced content; interactive multimedia presentation, and high costs. WTV's TMS is a fresh approach to delivering simple effective online learning, at an affordable price.

The TMS is marketed under Web-Ed Systems. Click Here to see an example lesson. Read about our Training Management System (TMS), and see how it can deliver your training on any computer, tablet, or even smart-phone, and will provide educators, students, and management with reporting and certification of effective education.

The VMS (Video Management System): Video messages through email, social media and websites has proven to be more effective and motivating than simple text-base messages. WTV has created a video management system to upload, configure, and track the activity of videos within it EMS and TMS systems.

The primary advantage of using WTV's TMS, is that we strictly control the sequence of video elements and can determine, throught EMS or TMS, who played the clips, when, and how many times. Below are some examples of email campaigns sent using the EMS which have video messages included.

Political Campaigns:
A video message is much more powerful than a simple text or picture. Video delivers an emotional impact that no other medium can achieve. The EMS tracks the number of plays and "forwards" that each recipient executes.
State Initiative
Pres Poll
Presidential Campaigns
Constitutional Amendment
Non-Profit Organizations:
Every charity has a good story to tell. Video is the best medium to communicate an emotional message and compel your viewers to "act now" to help fix this problem.
Rescue Mission
Homeless Rescue Mission
Youth Vote
Register Youth Vote
Religious Donation
Religious Charity
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